The Artisans

With passion and talent for creating distinct and high quality agricultural-based goods, the artisans are who inspire us to both curate and collaborate on identifiably-sourced products.

Stay tuned as we continue to expand the list below with our favorite producers, including those partnering with us to create small batch goods under our SMALLHOLDINGS label.

Syracuse Salt Company

David Iannicello and Libby Croom, a father-daughter dynamic-duo who founded Syracuse Salt Company, enthusiastically agreed to collaborate with us to create a Riesling-infused salt using our very own SMALLHOLDINGS wine. Their passion exemplifies the very artisans we look for at A+C and we are proud to know them.

(Alicia and Chris sandwiching David and Libby at their salt factory in Syracuse)

HÅKAN Chocolatier


Originally from Sweden but now master of his own chocolate speakeasy in Beacon, New York, Håkan Mårtensson is a world-renowned chocolatier offering up tablets and bonbons described as having, "shells that are always razor-thin, perfectly tempered, with a great snap and beautiful melt." Plus he's just a great guy. We are thrilled to collaborate with Håkan to offer artisanal bonbons under our SMALLHOLDINGS label that pair perfectly with our Riesling wines.

(chocolatier Håkan Mårtensson with Alicia and Chris showcasing what great things chocolate and wine can do together)

FLX Grapes

Hans Peter Weis, of FLX Grapes and Weis Vineyards, continues a legacy of family winemakers going back generations to the Mosel wine region of Germany. He and his wife Ashlee own and operate one of the most exciting wineries in the Finger Lakes, if not New York, racking up award after award for their wines along with 90+ point reviews. We are honored to collaborate with them on our 2020 vintage.

(winemaker Hans Peter Weis and Chris with the 2020 vintage Dry and Semi-Dry Riesling wines)

Heart & Hands Wine Company

Considered one of the better wineries in the Finger Lakes, and certainly one of our favorites, Heart & Hands Wine Company is focused on creating the finest Pinot Noir and Riesling wines anywhere. Tom and Susan Higgins, a husband-wife team, manage all aspects of the business, from the vineyard to the winemaking, tasting room and general business operations. They are also warm and hospitable people, having been instrumental in helping us with our own vineyard's development. We could not be more excited to collaborate with them on our first Smallholdings project. 

(winemaker Tom Higgins pouring Alicia a sample of our aging wine)

Lot 10 Vineyard

Located on a bluff above Skaneateles Lake’s eastern shore, Lot 10 Vineyard is one of the most northern and highest elevation vineyards in all of the Finger Lakes. The site enjoys other attributes ideal for growing wine grapes as well, including its soil, steep slopes, and proximity to the lake. Perhaps most exciting, however, is that it is OUR vineyard! All of the grapes are harvested by hand, and we select the very best for our Smallholdings wines.