Håkan Bonbon Chocolates

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Artisans and Curators' latest collaboration under its SMALLHOLDINGS label features artisanal bonbons created by world-renowned chocolatier Håkan Mårtenssen that pair perfectly with our award-winning SMALLHOLDINGS Riesling wine or to be enjoyed alone.

Try calamansi cardamom, passion fruit explosion, and yuzu-flavored bonbons alongside our Riesling for an epicurean experience you'll never forget.

Calamansi Cardamom

The lovely Filipino citrus, Calamansi, unexpectedly combines beautifully with black Cardamom to create a light, yet satisfying, bonbons.

Passion Fruit Explosion

Explosion you say? Why yes, it is! Pop the whole thing in you mouth, bite down on it and passion fruit will engulf your brains.


Yuzu Licorice

Another blend of a couple of my favorite cultures, Japan and Sweden!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard Americans say that they hate licorice. I don’t blame them, for they have never had real licorice root. After enjoying this treat they look in disbelief and are converted! Combined with my all time favorite Japanese citrus, Yuzu, this bonbon is amazing.

Be sure to put the whole bonbons in your mouth at once, and let the Hawaiian black salt rest on your tongue for a few seconds before biting.


Each box contains nine bonbons.